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Gusto innovazione


The Grilly line is the most innovative and versatile cooking system available on the market, as thanks to its special pellet burner, it offers the chance to cook food in a simple and practical way, while enjoying the taste of a day in the open air with friends, at home or on holiday.

The Grilly product line comprises models to fulfil all needs, including metal and cement barbecue grills and metal ovens.

The combustion system is based on pyrolysis, creating only a small amount of smoke as it burns almost all of the gas produced.The minimal residual ash (a little more than a handful) can be disposed of very simply, being non-pollutant.

The pellet burner is safe and environmentally-friendly: no gas bottles nor power required, no risk of explosion nor contact with the flame. The cast-iron grill for cooking the food is treated using a special certified food-safe enamel.

It is easy to move: the grill can be dismantled and reassembled in just a few simple steps, ensuring all the practicality and versatility you need.

In conclusion, maximum practicality in a major innovation.

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